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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Down to the Wire...We're Off!

"Putting the Needle Down....."
It is now that time...the time where I am putting the cover on the sewing machine, the needle into the pin cushion and taking a deep breath laced with anxiety, it's time to pack the suitcase!

There never seems to be enough time to prepare even though we know Ghoultide comes every year.  I don't know how most artists are but my brain just won't function until I'm under incredible pressure and have a deadline.  Most of my GREAT ideas always come after the show and no one wants to buy an idea, especially after the show LOL....  

In spite of all the changes in our lives
this last year I must admit I did do okay as far as inventory for this amazing event.  Not as well as years past and due to the shipping I had to reel in some of my ideas because they would've been 

to expensive or fragile to my "fortune tellers", no globe characters this year (very sad).  I do, however, have some new and interesting characters that I hope will be well my funnel scarecrows.  Did you know vintage funnels are a pain to find?  Well... the sizes I wanted anyway! These guys were so much fun to create and I do hope they find good homes!

Witches are definitely on the "Soft in the Head" menu for Ghoultide...I will have four new additions to my "Witches of Softwick" series, they seem to be very

popular and I have some new "Unusual Suspect" witches but this time they will be with their favorite feline.  I do love witches.  There will be "witch mice" galore and even some very unusual witchy ravens.   

In the past I have often enjoyed creating by re-purposing odds and ends.  This year was more difficult for me to do that because of our move to the Northwest and the fact that I no longer can drive.  The antiquing and hitting all the flea markets has come to a complete and total halt for now but with tenacity and prayers I'm hoping I will be up and at it again by spring....positive thinking!  I do miss those
eclectic flea markets LOL!   All in all I think I did pretty well this year for Ghoultide and will be excited to see how my new characters are accepted!   I mean who else makes Halloween ducks?  Right?   Not to mention I actually have a Halloween penguin too (thanks Kristen)....Ghoultide makes any lover of Halloweens' imagination soar, all things are possible at "Ghoultide Gathering".  Hope to see many of you there!  
Click Here for info:  Ghoultide Gathering

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Down to the Final Minutes.....

Boxing It Up and Shipping.....
The days are getting fewer for creating and it is almost time to box it all up and start shipping for "Ghoultide Gathering".  This year my inventory will be a bit different than years past, with the exception of my Raven Skulls, due to having to ship everything.  

Breakable re-purposed items will be limited which is kind of disappointing to me cause I do love working with vintage and antique odds and ends.  There will be a bigger selection of pumpkinheads this year and skellies....and of course mice, lots of mice LOL! After all what would "Soft in the Head" be without the mice! 

I have a few pieces that I am very excited about this year, my scarecrows made using vintage  funnels and my Raven undertaker and Raven witch.  Ghoultide has always been a great venue to
create for because it lets you live outside the box and your comfort get to push your imagination while still remaining true to your creative style.  There are times I even shock myself with one of my creations....I sit back and blink with astonishment that I did this!   The best part of all of it is to see the excitement and smiles that something I created gives the collectors that attend this wonderful Halloween event.  I love Halloween and everything about fuels my whimsical artistic soul! 

For any info pertaining to Ghoultide Gathering just click here...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Not Coming Up For Air...

In The Zone......
Every year I seem to play this game with myself...I say "Self" are going to start early and get your inventory going for "Ghoultide Gathering"...and somewhere time just escapes me and before I know it August is here and I have 10-12 pieces completed for a show that is happening Oct. 3rd.  It never fails!  I guess this "old dog" will NEVER learn any new tricks or change her way!  I must admit though, I do work better under pressure!

This year will be so different for Dan and I since we will be shipping all our inventory to Ohio to our daughters home and then driving from their house to Ghoultide so the diversity of pieces won't be as vast as in years past.  I will continue to have an infestation of mice, everyone loves Halloween mice and Ghoultide wouldn't be Ghoultide without the proverbial "pumpkinheads". 

There will be some new and interesting pieces this year.  Can't keep this ol' imagination of mine corralled and stifled for long, I will

always have to explore my inner child and Ghoultide gives me that opportunity!  I have my "collector" post cards available which also give you a discount at the gate.  If you would like one, two, three or more just send me an email to: with your address and the number of cards you would like and I will get them right out to you.'s time to put some clothes on these ducks!   
Click Here for info about Ghoultide Gathering:  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Wicked Mouse Infestation.......

"What's New and Working Hard"
Seems as though the "Soft in the Head" workroom as been infested with mice!  They are spell casting, potion brewing little witches!  The table is crowded with the characters who are ready to be packed for their trip to "Ghoultide Gathering" coming this October.  My witch mice are one of my most popular characters at this show and I always seem to run out after the first hour so this year we have 14 making the trip...along with some Steamounk mice and mice obsessed with pumpkins LOL!  After this week of mouse games I'm thoroughly ready to move onto something else....did someone say "Duck!"

I would also like to take a moment here to share a great new pattern site that has been created and started by Maureen Mills of "Sweet Meadows Fram" and Kim Kohler of "Veena's Mercantile".  This

is a highly juried groups of pattern designers and makes your shopping for that perfect "prim" pattern much easier.  The work is diverse and unique and Kim and Maureen are very enthusiastic about making this a great "Pattern Place" for everyone to enjoy.....check it out and HAVE FUN!

Time to get back to the task at hand and that is creating for "Ghoultide Gathering".  So many characters have taken up residence in my head and they are constantly yelling to get out...busy, busy, busy!   Slowly I'm running out of room here in my
humble little workroom and many of the finished characters have had to find other places to hang the top of my bookcase in my diningroom... If anyone is interested in a wonderful collectors postcast for "Ghoultide Gathering" which also gives you a discount at the gate just email me with your address and how many you would like:

Be sure to check out the website for "Ghoultide" and find out who will be there and some great "eye candy"...

Friday, July 10, 2015

July PFATT Marketplace....

"Fall is Right Around the Corner"....
The PFATT Marketplace opens today with some new characters from my busy little workroom.  By the looks of things it seems that Halloween is on the menu with the exception of this little guy "Tobin" and his Big Hat!  It's always a good time to share some red, white and blue and Tobin is doing just that!  Working with mohair is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine not to mention creating mice.  

This next fellow is one of my all time favorite birds and something different for all of those raven collectors out there.  Originally,  he was called"Sneaky Pete" and wore a top hat and spats, he was also featured in "Prims" magazine.  He has a contagious smile and atwinkle in his eye that he makes the perfect Jester!  I think this guy will be a huge hit this year for Halloween....he is definitely one of my favorites.
One day my friend Rennie walked in with this resin shoe and set it down in front of me saying "it needs a mouse" here's a mouse!  We were both excited how this little character turned out.  After some shading and waxing the shoe looked and felt more vintage...add a cute little mohair mouse and some candy corn and you have an adorable Halloween piece that can stay out all year long.  I was so tempted to keep this little guy since who knows when another shoe might appear!
"Mrs. Thistleborn" is the actual finished sample I made for the pattern, by the same name, I designed.  I have wanted to design a witch mouse to sell as a pattern for some time and I'm very happy with Mrs. someone can enjoy the actual finished character that inspired the pattern.  She is quite charming and would be a great addition for a mouse and/or Halloween collector.  Hope you will check out all my pieces this month on the PFATT Marketplace! 
Click here for the Marketplace

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Busy Days and Nights.....

"Muddled Brain and Busy Hands"
It's that time of the year where my mind is bursting with ideas and my hands just can't seem to catch up.  The small workroom is buzzing with sounds of music and the sewing machine.   Occasionally I have to stop has I get visited by my little orange buddy Seamus who is most demanding re: his treats and pets.....I always welcome these interruptions because one day they won't happen.

This has been a tough year for new ideas that still keep me within my realm of "Soft in the Head" and my love of primitive.  Being a part of "Ghoultide Gathering" always inspires me to constantly reach outside my
comfort zone and explore new options and ideas.I LOVE to re-purpose  vintage, rusty and distressed pieces into my work or use them as the foundation.  It's fun to see others around me get excited when they find some odd looking pipe or  container that I might some use for, my workroom looks like a salvage outlet LOL!

  It's definitely going to be a new experience this year since I will be shipping all my inventory and flying to the show instead of driving....this does limit me to the size and shape of designs.  My all time favorite piece that is always in demand, my fortune teller globes, will have to be constructed in Ohio at my daughters once we arrive because shipping these is
difficult and expensive. Having family that lives so close to Chelsea, MI where Ghoultide Gathering happens is an added perk...not only to we get to see our grandsons but we get some much needed help for the show, I'm still having difficulty walking.

Since being here in Washington state I have found many new and exciting resources for all the quirky odds and ends that inspire me.  
It seems more and more I'm inspired by an object I see than having the idea first and searching for the props I will need to create.  

There will be mice witches galore this year, they are always in demand and popular as long as they keep changing.  Change for my little mice is definitely happening....very excited by my new witch mice and I think they will be a hit at "Ghoultide" this year.   The response to my raven skeletons was so over whelming last year that I have been hard at work on more  for this hats will be

involved!  Creating new and innovative ideas and staying in my wheel house keeps me young and content, not to mention the smiles it gives others....I really do love my job!   Better get back to work....Ghoultide will be here before I know it! 

For Info On GhoultideCLICK HERE  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Contentment and Fresh Eggs.....

"Country Living....Good For the Soul"
I could sit here and type out what is going on in my workroom and all the "works in progress" I have scattered about but I would rather bask in the wonderful realization that I now live in the Pacific Northwest, I've finally come home!  Even though my mobility is limited I still have a plethora of nature surrounding me so I have no need of venturing out to far.  Our front deck is filled with color and constant activity from the local wildlife. When I think I can't be any happier I just have to look around me and see how Dan is thriving and the total contentment on our cats, Seamus and Issas'
faces as they stretch  out in their cozy window seats.  Country living definitely agrees with us.  We did live in the country in Virginia but somehow being here among family and friends not only gives us the country around us but also it lives in our soul as well.  Dan is getting ready to spend a week with his family in Napa, Ca.  something that was never easy for him to do while we lived in Va. but here he can leave knowing I won't be alone and I'm happy!  I never
dreamed that our life would take such a wonderful turn and we would find this inner contentment.  We had been struggling for so long being just an army of two against the onslaught of all the issues that growing older brings on that it is almost surreal to have things go right and in our favor.

I have chickens, well actually Rennie has chickens.  We get fresh eggs regularly and I can't even begin to tell you about the fresh strawberries, blueberries and black caps, I do love berries.  The tomatoes and squash are coming in now and my mouth is watering!  It's truly amazing what one can plant in boxes on a deck....not only do we have a deck garden but we have a HUGE garden in the backyard and Rennie just brought in some amazing
radishes...I haven't had a decent radish in years and these were gorgeous and yummy!  All this reminds me of my childhood and watching my dad cultivate his vegetable garden with such love and devotion.  

This move has given me a new lease on life and revitalized my soul.  It has been a long time since I have felt this kind of contentment and pure joy....looks like today we will be getting some goats.  Rennie has always wanted goats and I had them when I was young
and enjoy their antics and personality so it should be fun! Pictures will definitely happen!

Even though this move was a difficult one, leaving friends, the relocation and having to downsize, the end result has been incredible and uplifting.  I work in the laundry room now and you know what, IT ROCKS!  I love it!  Creativity can happen anywhere and now it's happening in a laundry room somewhere in Duvall, Washington!


Monday, June 15, 2015

"New Pattern"
After a very long time there is a new pattern from "Soft in the Head'.  Meet "Mrs. Thistleborn" a very happy little witch mouse who would be a wonderful addition for shows and online sales.  She is only available as a mailed pattern at this time....if interested please email me at:

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

PFATT Marketplace

It's PFATT Marketplace for June 2015
It's beginning to look like an ocean of orange and black in my workroom as Halloween characters start taking over!  This month on PFATT Marketplace it is all about Halloween!  

"Jeeves" the Ghost Writer is one of my favorites....I love being able to incorporate my love for old and vintage books into the piece.  He just makes you smile...

It wouldn't be a Marketplace without one of my mice.  "Izzy" is another one of my "candlestick" mice.  She is mounted to the top of a vintage candlestick.  Izzy is ready to venture out into the night for some trick or treating with candle in hand and her special little pumpkin to hold all her goodies.  Izzy is a sweet girl and perfect for that mouse collector.  She's a large girl at 9" tall.

What would Halloween be like without a pumpkinhead.  Usually my pumpkinheads are large but this isn't the case with this little lady.  Lil' Pegleen is only 10" tall and is made using osnaburg.  She's weighted and stands on her own while she plays with her pet bat, everyone should have a pet bat.  Most of Pegleen's friends refer to her as the "Bat Keeper"... Lil' Pegleen will make you smile and is perfect for anyone that collects Halloween.

While looking around an antique store I came across this set of mini stacking boxes, without lids.  They had funny little sayings on the front, "Lizards Tail, Witches Wart,and Eye of Newt"...I thought to myself that they would make great pin keeps for my little mohair mice, so here they are.  They vary in size with the largest being Lizards Tail.  My mouse pin keeps are very popular and now I have three at one time for sale.  Everyone needs a witch mouse to sit on their sewing table!


Sunday, May 31, 2015

EHAG Emporium for May 2015

Meet "Zelda and Zigfield" on the Emporium

"Zelda my newest witch mouse and her buddy Zigfield the spider will be available on the EHAG Emporium along with the works of many incredible Halloween artists.  Grab your beverage of choice and go enjoy some spooky delights....

Friday, May 29, 2015

Getting Started....

"Let the Chaos Commence!"

The countdown has started and the workroom is buzzing as I begin my inventory for yet another year at "Ghoultide Gathering" Oct. 3, 2015 in Chelsea, MI.  Mark your calendars for this wonderful Halloween Event.   Now that we live in Washington state I will need to have my inventory ready much earlier than I have in previous years cause shipping will be involved.  Fortunately for me we have family close by to this event and we will be making this not only about business but also about fun!  If you have any questions please visit the "Ghoutide Gathering" website....hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Believe in Hope!

"Hope Is A Thing With Feathers"

"Hope" is the thing with feathers --
That perches in the soul --
And sings the tune without the words --
And never stops -- at all --

And sweetest -- in the Gale -- is heard --
And sore must be the storm --
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm --

I've heard it in the chillest land --
And on the strangest Sea --
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb -- of Me. Emily Dickinson

This poem comes to mind more so now than ever before....because without "hope" and our friends" Dan and I would not have survived this last year as well as we have!

Everyday it seems I am coming in touch with more sadness regarding friends and family. The "circle of life" can be a cruel and unyielding task master and we have no control over it... "BUT"...  When young life is cut short or those close to you are dealt a bleak and desperate hand of fate, what can you say? You say have HOPE... How many times a day do we say "I hope"? Often we are so consumed by the onslaught of our own lives that we get lost and forget that our world is not entirely about us...I know I'm guilty of this, especially over the past year.

Recently, in one day, I had a friend lose their father, a loved one take a turn for the worse with cancer and a friend lose her home,  all this in one day... but did one of these brave souls lose "hope"? Never!   Take a minute out of your busy day and just throw some "hope" out there.....cause I know no matter which direction it flies someone will catch it!   Dan and I caught it and we are so thankful we did!  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our New Life in Washington....

The Beginning.....
Dan and I have almost completed our long exhausting move to our new home in Washington State.  At one point it seemed like the exhaustion and drama that goes with moving would never end.  This is one time that hard work and tenacity seriously paid off on many levels.  Through all this we have made some of the richest and best friendships that anyone could ever ask for.  We also found the true meaning behind family....What began as an uphill battle turned into making some fond and emotional memories.  Our new home has become more than we could have hope for and continues to enrich us with the feelings of family and friends.

Mothers Day has always been a tough holiday for me since our children are scattered over this calls and skype can only do so much but never replace a good old fashion hug.  This Mothers Day was spent in our new home surrounded with friends, friends I have known for 50 plus years and others that I watched come into this world and grow into adulthood.  I received Mothers Day gifts and cards like I was a part of this amazing family and tears shined bright on these old
cheeks.  It has been a long time since I felt so complete and loved like this and I would go through everything again to get to this point.  There is NEVER a  greater feeling in the world than that of acceptance and love.

My dearest friend Rennie, who is now our landlord so to speak, has done everything to make our lives more comfortable and to make this new chapter a blessed one.  Since my

mobility is severely compromised she goes out of her way to make sure I have a beautiful courtyard to enjoy and surround me with all the things that only nature can provide knowing that nature is my sidekick as I go through this life.  I really have missed playing in the dirt and helping things grow now I will enjoy it through my large windows in my livingroom.  Seamus has made his home in front of one of the windows on my old antique trunk,  He is often amused with the antics of the local squirrels and chatters away at our feathered friends.

Figuring out how to utilize our smaller space has been challenging but fun....with Dan's and Rennie's help I have managed to get things placed, built and filled with very little stress.  We still have a ways to go since the garage still has many boxes and totes stacked but it will eventually come together (I hope).  We actually built Dan his own little space using book cases.  He has his own computer cubicle and also a place for his music equipment....and he was afraid I was
going to ban him to the garage!   The livingroom is small and our HUGE new recliners take up most of the room but boy are they comfy!  Since going out rarely happens it's nice to have a large screen TV to watch movies and our favorite shows.  Of course it wouldn't be complete without the NFL Ticket from Direct TV, some things will never change with Dan LOL! 

We've already had friends over being
something Dan and I rarely did in Virginia.  Here in Washington I have many old acquaintances from my much younger years and I have many new artist friends.  My dear friend Johanna Parker's mom and dad live 15 mins from us and Dan and I are looking forward to getting together with Johanna and hubby JP this September when she is here for a show.  I've been warmly accepted into the art community here and can't wait to have brunch with a few and meeting others for the first time.  Life is definitely being
kind and the "Powers that Be" are blessing Dan and I with such love and kindness....the biggest gift so far is that Dan is doing great.  His health seems to be rebounding and flourishing here!  Everyday I say a silent thank you....He is already making plans to scout out the rivers with his fly rod and enjoy what nature has to offer! Some of my East Coast friends have begun  making plans for a visit and I couldn't be happier.  I guess good things do come to those that are patient....I am so thankful and truly blessed! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

PFATT Marketplace for May.....

 PFATT Marketplace for May.........

As many of you know this has been quite a month for Dan and I and our cat-lets Seamus and Issa.... We have moved back to our beloved Northwest after nearly 30 years.  We are so happy that this has happened and this will be my first PFATT Marketplace from here on the west coast!   To celebrate I'm offering my "Franklin" mouse that was featured this month in "Prims" magazine.  He is one of my favorite Americana pieces and also comes with the vintage child's drum.

Also this month on the Marketplace I will have my newest little witch mouse for Willow Pickergill.  She is a free standing mouse and can be easily posed especially with her broom!  She just passed her flying lessons and is anxious to take off into the night skies!

Also this month I have a real sweet treat....a strawberry PODD named "Shortcake Mc PODD.  This little lady was so much fun to create and just makes me smile everytime I look at her.

I found the fabric in a small out of the way store and created the character using the fabric as my inspiration....just love how she turned out.

Since Memorial Day is right around the corner I wanted to add even more Americana to my selection this month on the Marketplace..... I would like you to meet my new chick Samuel Chicklet.  I love his tricorn hat and the ruffles at his neck.   The box he is perched on top of can be used for buttons, pins or even spare change, Samuel is quite acceptable to just about anything.  Hope you will come over to the PFATT Marketplace and visit and possibly even adopt one of my humble little characters to come live at your home!  Happy Mother's Day and Blessed Be!
click here: PFATT Marketplace